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April 10, 2019


Earn a commission for placing your QuickBooks orders through us!

Next time you or a customer need QuickBooks, order through us! We will place the order with Intuit so the customer pays Intuit directly. We pass our QSP only discounts directly to you and your clients. *If you find pricing better than ours, submit the pricing to us and we will match any valid offer!   Then when we get our commission you get half. It’s a pretty good deal!!

ProAdvisors!!!!  You can continue to offer your QuickBooks ProAdvisor discount to your clients AND earn a bounty or commission when ordering through Accounting Therapy.

Because Intuit has a 60-day money back guarantee, we pay out commissions after the 60-day period. For Enterprise new users we offer 15% of the net sale**. For Full Service Plan customers moving to subscription, we offer 10% of the net sale**.

**Net sale is defined by Intuit. If it is a ‘brand new to QuickBooks’ customer, net sale means the actual sale price. But if the customer is changing subscriptions, adding or reducing their number of users, or upgrading to Platinum or down to Silver, Intuit calculates the net change in the existing customer pricing and pays out based on that number. Effectively, they don’t allow double dipping, which makes sense.