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October 1, 2021




Psst! What’s the password?


Lucky you!!!! You should definitely thank the person who sent you to the Star Society home page. You now have access to the best software pricing offered, a knowledgeable sales team and a superior group of partners working together to grow our businesses and just be better at what we do.

Congratulations!!! Here are the basics….

Program Overview – Very simply… you sell products, and you get paid. If you don’t want to sell and you just want to refer…. you still get paid! The relationships we have developed with our vendors allow us to offer the best pricing and resources to our partners. Our most popular product is QuickBooks. Because we are in Intuit’s QuickBooks Solution Provider program, we have access to best pricing for the suite of QuickBooks products and offerings. This allows us to give you the ability to make more money AND provide better discounts to your customers.

Why join the Star Society – This community is intended to not only be a resource for great software pricing and great rebates & commissions, but we are a resource center for support, training, referrals and most importantly community.

Community – Our community is comprised of many industries making room for a referral type community without the fees of a networking group. You will have easy to understand pricing sheets, easy to understand commissions, easy access to software orders and access to a sales pro to help you make that software sale or referral. We are building a community of like minded individuals that are just different enough, we may learn something from each other. This group from different worlds is coming together to create that 9-5 family that will always be there to help you even if there is no water cooler, or dare I say, bar top, to congregate around and discuss the ever so daunting trials within our day to day. We are all in this together.

Training & Resources – We will meet in a monthly basis, at minimum, to discuss any changes that may be happening in the software world or any cool apps, processes, or super awesome discounts that may be coming up in our world. Slack will be updated on a regular basis with collateral for your marketing efforts.

Program Requirements: The only requirement is that you can either sell or refer QuickBooks and/or any other offering we have in our partner program. We have 3 tiers for our partners that allow you the opportunity to earn up to 60% of our bounty, commission or residuals… or you can just send us leads to ensure your customers get best pricing and we will still pay you when those sales close.

About Us: Star Society is owned and operated by Accounting Therapy, Inc. We have been in business since 1996 and part of the Reseller program since its inception. Over the last 15+ years we have focused our time and efforts in building our bookkeeping division and converting as many people to QuickBooks and integrated Apps as possible. Whether they were going to be an ongoing client or not, we always have had a passion for sharing our knowledge and experience with whomever needed our help. Now, we are expanding our focus and dedicating our efforts to helping other businesses provide their customers with the greatest business resources out there, while giving them an additional revenue stream through our Star Society.

Please fill out the form below to learn more about our program!