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Be Careful of This Google Scam by WizAdwords!

Be Careful of This Google Scam by WizAdwords!

Accounting Therapy received the fake email below — be careful of this Google scam by Wizadwords as it has been going around recently. WizAdwords seems to be hoping to confuse people who receive their email into associating their graphic with Google/Google Adwords.

The email says there is a balance owed for “GoogleSEO for your website” because the service failed to auto renew in your account, and requests a payment through paypal for the amount owed.

Google operates the similarly named Google Adwords, and the colors are not the same but bare a definite resemblance to the colors use in Google’s trademarked logo.

Here’s an example of one of their emails:

Scam by Wizadwords

It may warn you: “Avoid blocking your website in Google. 5 days left to block.” “Without this service your site does not appear in Google searches.” And similar threats.

Always be suspicious of invoices sent from a company you don’t remember working with.

Keep in mind there are several ways the scammer try to lull you into thinking it is a legitimate request. For example the very standard line you can see in any invoice: “If you have already made the payment please disregard this email.”

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