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How Los Angeles Uses the Cloud In a Crisis

Cloud Computing Changed How Los Angeles Responds to a Crisis

How Los Angeles Uses the Cloud — In the event of a terrorist attack, flood, or an earthquake, the more than 4 million Los Angeles residents will rely in part on the City of L.A.’s Emergency Operations Center.   Last year it became clear that the Los Angeles’ alternative emergency operation centers needed an update.  That is why the city decided to move backup systems to the cloud.

As a result, evacuation tracking, hazard mitigation, and emergency communications now reside on Amazon’s global network of data centers.

Ted Ross, the chief information officer for the City of Los Angeles, spoke about why it made sense for Los Angeles: “A cloud backup costs the city just $300 a month, it saves time, and it maintains operations when they’re needed most.” Ross also pointed out that how Los Angeles uses the cloud enables them to “set up a virtual Emergency Operations Center anytime, anywhere.”

So the ability to safely access your data from any location is one of the reasons we recommend businesses use a cloud for data storage. 

Full article on how Los Angeles uses the cloud: fortune.com/2016/07/02/la-emergency-tech-government/

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