Economists Predict 2018 Home Prices

Most Economists Predict Home Prices Will Continue to Rise For 7th Straight Year

Most economists predict that if you can afford a home in Southern California, now is a good time to buy – as prices are expected to continue to raise and interest rates are still low.

In recent years the gains have been very high but this year is not projected to continue that pace.  Still, the supply of homes will continue to not keep up with demand for housing in the Los Angeles area, and so prices will continue to rise.

(It’s worth noting that the high demand for housing goes along with the fact that the Southern California region’s population is highest it has ever been – and just surpassed 18 million!)

For more on what the economists anticipate in 2018:

This post is based on an article from the Daily Breeze and features news on local businesses in and around the South Bay area, California.

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