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How to Balance Work and Life By Alexis Sadler

Can you believe October is over? Well October was quite an adventure for me.  I had a few family matters that I had to tend to while moving the office, buying a house and maintaining our bookkeeping clients work. Managing your personal life and your business is always a task and I’m hoping some of these strategies will help you in your work life balance:
  1. The first and most important part is managing your tasks. While people tend to believe they are managing their time the more often are managing tasks. Most people tend to do the fun, easy and predictable task in the morning and by the time 2:00 comes around they don’t have the mental capacity to do the boring, hard, and unpredictable. Spend some time at the end of each day to plan your morning. You will be fresh and ready for whatever tasks are coming at you.
  2. Delegate, Delegate, Delegate!! You hired your team for a reason. If you have the opportunity to delegate a task do it. If you have ever read The E-Myth, you know that the technician should never be a business owner and the business owner should never be the technician. Your employees are your team and you are the coach. Guide them, lead them, train them.
  3. Stick to your calendar. If you don’t use a calendar go back to number 1. Your calendar should not be your guide for the day, it should be your roadmap. If it’s not on your calendar, schedule it for another day and get back to your scheduled tasks.
With these I was able to manage my tasks for October, while taking care of the family, moving my office and buying my new home. Managing your task, planning your day and sticking to my calendar was a success.