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How to Reinspire Your Underwhelmed Brain

How to Reinspire Your Underwhelmed Brain

How to Reinspire Your Underwhelmed Brain – experts say your brain gets underwhelmed easily but there are some easy ways to reinspire it! Watch the clip below for a sense of awe that will help get your creative juices flowing.

Here are a few excerpts from an interesting article on how (and why) to inspire your brain we think you will enjoy:

“Imagine standing at the edge of a deep canyon, the rocks painted pink and red by the setting sun. The sky seems endless. There’s a giant sequoia tree next to you, towering into the heavens.

That feeling you have of being small, a part of something larger, is awe. And it’s not just something that’s merely nice to experience now and then; it can actually shape the way we make choices….

Feeling inspired – overtaken by awe – we’re newly reminded of our place in the wider field of existence.

So how do you cultivate this feeling more often without taking regular trips to the desert (or dropping acid)? It’s easier than you might think. In fact, visual stimuli can ply your brain with the experience of awe without ever having to leave your desk.

YouTube is your friend here: Watch videos about the universe. It may sound like a shoddy substitute for a weeklong camping excursion in a glacial tundra, but your brain may not actually need something so ambitious in order to fire up those key regions. Believe it or not, awe researcher  Craig L. Anderson suggests the opening three minutes of the movie  Contact.”

Here’s that video of Contact’s opening scene:


Here’s another one!, the ending scene from Men in Black.

Men In Black ending scene


The full article is here, from Fast Company’s ‘How to Be Successful’ series.

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