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The longer I have been working with QuickBooks, the more obvious it has become that they do a really bad job of letting their customers now how awesome their payroll services are.

I still, to this date, have clients that are using the BigName payroll guys out there… or even the little ones. They have no idea how much they are overpaying for payroll AND how much they are paying someone to enter that data correctly into their QuickBooks file.

Whether it’s me or one of your employees, it’s costing you way too much.

QuickBooks Payrolls have just about all the bells and whistles that are actually used from the BigName Payroll Guys. QuickBooks doesn’t fluff the price by selling you things your won’t use. Not only do they give you an easy solution for processing payroll right in your QuickBooks file, but they also pay your taxes and file your forms… which is the most important part, right? Who wants to deal with the feds and the state more than we have to?

QuickBooks Payroll comes with a 100% guarantee, they put their money where their mouth is. They have one flat rate per month. They outsmarted the competition by automating a lot of services to enable them to give you the services you need at lower prices and less waiting time.

Now with the T-sheets add-on that Intuit just recently purchased (previously the most popular app in the Intuit App Center), it’s a NO BRAINER. Imagine having your time clock connect to your Financial File which hosts your Payroll service. You want to talk about automation? That is the epitome of automation!

We at Accounting Therapy have been using TSheets with our QuickBooks for a few years now, it’s just magic for me, (I’m still the official payroll officer too 😊).

I don’t have to do anything but import the time and hit “Process Payroll” That’s it…. Literally… I never have to leave QuickBooks. It’s so awesome!

Tsheets features and support are just as epic as QuickBooks Payroll. Features include but are not limited to: Time Clock Tracking, GPS Tracking, Sick, Holiday & Overtime Tracking.

If it’s time you need help with, it’s time for Tsheets.

You can see who’s working “now”, utilize biometric facial recognition clock in and clock out, track time by job, employee or even type of service and create and modify your employee work schedule as well. There is a mobile app you can use to keep you team organized and notified of updates. Your flexibility is endless and again… all for one low price.

Now if you combine these two world-class solutions with their very attractive pricing, you can save yourself thousands of dollars per month. An employer paying his 5 employees minimum wage twice a month can save over $2,000 per month just by implementing Tsheets.

What would you do with that money? Maybe you’d have the extra cash to invest in somebody as important as a bookkeeper. Or have a lawyer making sure you are compliant…. Or maybe just save it for that dream retirement. Whatever it is… why would you wait?

Alexis Sadler is a ProAdvisor and QuickBooks Solutions Provider, learn more about her here.