Introducing Our Team Member Ryan

Introducing Our Team Member Ryan

We are happy to introduce one of our key teammates Ryan Sadler !  Here is Ryan’s bio:

I attended high school in San Pedro at Mary Star of the Sea where I got to pursue one of my life long passions, Baseball. Proud to say we took CIF my Junior year and had a blast with some great guys. I met a lot of great friends in school, but after we all graduated I was sure college was not for me. I did a few side jobs that didn’t really stick and then mom asked if I wanted to help her and the team.

I spent most of my childhood running the hallways of Accounting Therapy. I used to do my homework at the conference tables and on rainy days watch movies in the lunch room. When I was about 12 my mom started having me help her with QuickBooks Data Entry projects. (It was tedious, but I always found something to spend that money on.)

I have only recently started working for the family business. It has only been since 2017, but already has been exciting. I’m working hard on the day to day tasks needed to help everyone be successful, and it’s exciting learning the business I have been surrounded by my whole life. I am loving every second of it. The family, friends and customers that we have at Accounting Therapy make this an amazing place to work.


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