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Last Call… QuickBooks Desktop 2017 is sun setting.

Why does Intuit make this upgrade sounds so beautiful? Well, it provides ability for change… you will get the new features and functions that come with the new software, and that means new options for you and your business.

New QuickBooks Desktop 2020 Features include…

  • Adding PO field to Subject Line of Emails
  • Send multiple Invoices in one email to customers
  • Automatically send Payment reminders to customers
  • Enhanced QuickBooks Search capabilities have been enabled
  • Landed Cost Calculations (ES)
  • Alternate Vendors enable for Items Preferred Vendors (ES)
  • Express (Consolidated) Pick Pack (ES)

If you want to get super adventurous and join the cloud accounting team you can always upgrade to QuickBooks Online and never have to worry about a QuickBooks sunset again. 2.2 million companies have made the switch along with so many of our customers. The automation and simplification have given them the ability to be super-efficient.

If you decide to wait this out, you will be faced with some troubles.

Functions that will be lost…

  • Payroll Services: Including processing assisted, enhanced and basic payroll, workers comp payment services, view my paycheck, etc.
  • Bank Feed Activity: Importing Direct Connect, Web Connect and Excel files bank transactions will be disabled.
  • Credit Card Processing: Merchant Services (credit cards and checks), Automatic credit card billing, and terminal downloads.
  • Other Services: Accountant Copy Transfer Service, Multi-Currency & Exchange Rate, Bill Pay, Intuit Payment Network
  • All Technical Support: Including live technical support, Installation support, security updates, upgrades, error message support, product defects, and replacement CD’s.

Don’t forget how awesome our discounts are when you are ready to upgrade or convert to online. We’re always here if you have questions.