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Here comes year end…. What does that mean for Accounting Therapy?… upgrades for desktop users and businesses making the switch to QuickBooks Payroll. While upgrading software is always exciting, I love turning customers onto my favorite payroll provider, QuickBooks. Year end is THE BEST time to switch payroll, so here is some awesome news for all if you!!!

QuickBooks has made some seriously beneficial changes to their online payroll product. With these enhancements it just seems silly to not to take advantage of in product payroll. They have split the online products from 2 to 3 offerings providing automated options for all levels of business. Previously the offerings included a “do it yourself” option where the customer was responsible for all tax payments and filings. We never recommended this option!!! We found ourselves consistently helping customers fix their mistakes and providing instruction to them on how to record the penalties and interest for their mistakes. “Full Service” was the only way to go at the time. QuickBooks handled all tax payments and form filings, so the customer never had to deal with late fees and never called us for their payroll mistakes. We love to hear from all of you, but we don’t want it to be for a preventable issue that ends up costing you money.

QuickBooks agreed! They found that their customers were more successful and much happier with the “Full Service” option. They scrapped the “do it yourself” option and create 3 offerings that are all variations of the “Full Service” payroll option. The new offerings are appropriately titled “Core”, “Premium” and “Elite”. As you would expect Core is the basic offering, Premium is the former Full Service and Elite is the new offering that is Full Service Payroll plus some cool addons to help you run your business more efficiently with confidence.

While all new online payroll options are “Full Service”, they are not all created equal.

Core does have the automated tax payment and forms, next day direct deposit and a worker portal to avoid requests for paystubs and W2’s. It does however not have the best support. The support at this time is an in-product chat. It’s definitely not terrible support, but sometimes trying to explain issues over chat is not very easy. We do not recommend this product very often due to the support offered.

Premium has the automated tax payments and forms, the direct deposit offered can be processed same day and it does have the T-sheets option. With T-sheets your employees can track their time by customer and give you the ability to job and/or project cost. Plus, instead of chat support you will get phone support. There is nothing like talking to someone to explain any issue or question you may have. Premium also offers an error free guarantee.

Elite, as you can imagine, has all the benefits of Premium…. But wait…. there’s more!! Not only is TSheets included, but there is an Elite version of TSheets, Elite Onboarding and a Tax Penalty Free Guarantee. Some other offerings also include HR Experts that are available for you and Elite Product support. This is the new and improved product offering that encompasses all needs for your employees. Of course there are additional features that may benefit some business, but these I feel will be the most used options.

With all of that said, if you are considering looking for a more cost effecting payroll, lets chat. If you want to process payroll right in your QBO file, or capture cost by employee, department or even project, you know how to find me. We have used QuickBooks’ payroll products since it became available. This allows us to see VERY easily see the costs of our services to allow for proper costing. Basically, because we know our costs, we can keep our prices down to keep our customers happy.

QuickBooks Online Payroll Pricing

So if you want to chat about making your payroll more efficient and simplifying your payroll processes click here to give us some info, and we will reach out. Don’t forget we get awesome pricing on all QuickBooks products, including payroll. Currently we can offer 50% off on Premium and Elite Payroll and 30% off Core, for the first 6 months.

P.S. If you are wanting to upgrade your desktop software and save up to 50%, please follow the link below and we will get you taken care of.

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