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Our Local UFO

Our Local UFO—On December 22nd of last year, Spacex launched its Falcon 9 rocket from  a base near Santa Barbara.  It got so high in the atmosphere (to the Earth’s mesosphere) that the rocket was seen throughout Southern California and even in some neighboring states.

Most people did not know the launch was going to take place, and at first thought that the rocket was actually a UFO!

Accounting Therapy was founded in Harbor City, California …the ‘UFO’ was easy to see from here!

Accounting Therapy has headquarters in Harbor City, California and a second location in Palm Springs, California – so for us this was a local UFO story.  Many of our clients are local to South Bay as well, in either Harbor City, Torrance, Lomita, San Pedro, or the surrounding Los Angeles area.

This story is from our July 2018 newsletter, the issue was sent out on UFO Day.

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