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In this post we will review what QuickBooks Desktop 2019 new features were introduced and how you can use them. The features are available in Pro, Premier, Acct and Enterprise versions of QuickBooks.

The Invoice Status Tracker

First we’ll take a look at the Invoice Status Tracker. It gives you a snapshot of the basic history on your invoices. Here’s how to use it.

Open any invoice. There is a blue hyperlink by the title Invoice that says “See History,” click on it and you will open a small window with a quick history of the invoice. The See History window lets you view when the invoice was created, emailed, viewed, paid, and payment was deposited.

Click See History to view info about the invoice

Important note: anyone that opens the email will trigger the “Viewed” tag in the above history, including if the sender opens the invoice from the sent folder of their email.

Intuit updates their software all the time. If you have QuickBooks Online, remember since you have a subscription your software updates are unrolled automatically, as they are developed and become available. QuickBooks Desktops products are instead upgraded with new features in each new addition.

Transfer Customer Credits, Across Jobs

The next feature we are going to introduce is the ability to transfer customer credits, across jobs.

What this means is that when a customer makes a payment in advance to pay for multiple jobs, you can easily apply the payment to the customers’ jobs. Here’s where to find the credits and how to Transfer Customer Credits, Across Jobs:

Click See History to view info about the invoice

Start by opening the invoice that you will be transferring credit to.

Next select Apply Credits (as pictured

  1. Open the invoice you’re transferring the credit to.
  2. Select Apply Credits. Credits from another customer job would show under available credits.
  3. Select the existing credits then Done.
  4. On the Confirm transfer window, select Yes to complete the transfer.

We’ll update this page with more QuickBooks Desktop 2019 new features soon.

Coming up: How to transfer credits within a customer, across jobs!