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It’s been about 15 years since my first conference and while I have gone year after year and most often twice a year, I have never really taken the time to explain to all you wonderful people what I do each year and what comes out of it. Well where do I begin??? So I guess the first thing you should know is that my trip in November is actually 2 conferences back to back. As most of you know I am in an elite program of QuickBooks Solution Providers (QSP’s) since 2006… as well as being a ProAdvisors since 2005. Think of each conference as targeted toward each of those two groups. The QSP program allows me to provide you all those awesome discounts and the ProAdvisor group keeps me highly educated and certified in QuickBooks.

Better Together:

The first conference is Better Together. This is the QSP group and is a more intimate conference. All QSP’s share our victories, discuss the pitfalls and rub elbows with Intuit’s developers, leaders and brand ambassadors. We learn of Intuit’s current market strategies, goals and what features are in the pipeline for the product improvements. Better Together is where Intuit’s best sales force , us, gather like an army yet have fun like it’s a family reunion. We fight for our customers to keep pricing increases down, enhanced feature implementations up and make sure support is as reliable and knowledgeable as we can influence. It’s a great time, with great people, making great strides for you!!

QuickBooks Connect:

The second conference is QuickBooks Connect. I know most of you have heard of this because they advertise this one like crazy. While me as a ProAdvisor gets a lot out of this conference, this conference also has tracks for business owners, accountants, self employed and employees as well. They teach you how to market your company or how to create processes plus things like marketing through social media or how to create a YouTube channel. There is so much to be learned at this conference; but my favorite part of the conference by far is talking to the App developers…. plus it’s always fun to get the giveaways. It’s amazing how these developers come up with some of the most genius, yet simple ideas that automate business and reduce a business limitations. This year there were quite a few I wanted to share with some of you specifically, but I have included a few below that I think everybody could take advantage of; I plan to implement all three at some point. There is one below that I’m going to implement right away….Which one do you think it is?

Top Three Apps of QuickBooks Connect:

CollBox : Flawless integration that allows you to leave collections to the pro’s. Whether it’s a soft reminder your customers need or an aggressive effort to collect a long overdue invoice, CollBox allows you to decide how each customer should be treated. This helps you maintain good relationships and retain the customers you want to keep while chasing that dead beat you would prefer to never do business with again… did I mention it’s all done through your QB file? No need to call anyone, email account status’s or even stay on top of anything… they do it all.

Checkflo: not many people use Checks anymore, but I do know there are still a few of you out there and this is an awesome automated process available to you. Checkflo syncs with your QuickBooks file and based on your instruction this app will pull check info from your QB file and send a check to your vendor based on the info you put in QB. No printing, signing, stuffing, stamping, mailing anymore. No logging into the bank to send online payments…. no extra steps. I’m very excited about this one…. can you tell? I’m so excited to never have to order check stock again.

Guideline 401(k): this is a first of its kind. This app not only integrates with Intuit’s payroll it also automates your plan administration, compliance AND it automatically funds each plan based on the data in your QBO file. [Do I hear angel singing?] I have wanted somebody to do this for so long… and it’s here!!! Another one I am super excited about!

I would love to discuss with you any and all ideas you have for your business regarding process improvement and automation. At this point there are thousands of apps and I’m sure everybody could benefit from an app. I know some of you are immediately thinking about cost, while doing that think about how much time would be saved if you didn’t have to do ‘x’ anymore. I’d truly love to chat with you about this so please schedule a time to chat or let’s shoot me an email and we can add some time, at no additional charge, to your recurring bookkeeping services.