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Why Do Businesses Move To The Cloud?

Why Do Businesses Move To The Cloud? If you’ve ever wondered why do businesses move to the cloud or what cloud accounting is, this article from Intuit provides a brief explanation of how data is stored in “the cloud” and how some businesses like Netflix benefit from using a cloud storage option. https://quickbooks.intuit.com/what-is-cloud-accounting/ Click here Read more about Why Do Businesses Move To The Cloud?[…]

What Exactly is “The Cloud?”

What Exactly is “The Cloud?” As many of us already know, more and more businesses are making the change to the infamous ‘Cloud’ …but exactly is the cloud computing exactly? In very basic terms, the Cloud is a term referring to network setups in which the user(s) access their applications, services and information over the Read more about What Exactly is “The Cloud?”[…]

How Los Angeles Uses the Cloud In a Crisis

Cloud Computing Changed How Los Angeles Responds to a Crisis How Los Angeles Uses the Cloud — In the event of a terrorist attack, flood, or an earthquake, the more than 4 million Los Angeles residents will rely in part on the City of L.A.’s Emergency Operations Center.   Last year it became clear that the Los Angeles’ Read more about How Los Angeles Uses the Cloud In a Crisis[…]

Cloud Storage Options

Cloud Storage Options What are my cloud storage options?  If you are looking at placing photos, videos documents or other information in the cloud, it can be hard to know what the options are or where to start. Sometimes cloud storage options will come with the software or another product you’ve purchase, but if not or if you Read more about Cloud Storage Options[…]