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We know all of you, but you may not know all of us….It is time to reintroduce the team.

First up we have Angie. She is a determined individual with heart of gold. Angie comes from a large family and she brings that love right into our team. Angie came to us by accident in 2018. We needed some temporary help to organize the move of our office. She was recommended to us as super organized with a ton of initiative. After the 6-week job was complete and finding out she had QuickBooks experience, I knew I could not let her go. She agreed to stay part time and take us on as her third job…. Yes… her third job! I am telling you this girl is a machine. Angie has grown to love us and has traded one of her jobs for 2 extra days with us. She is steadily taking on more bookkeeping clients and loves the challenge. Our goal is to have Angie working with us full time, then we can have her all to ourselves [insert devious cackle here]. She is super dedicated and loves helping her customers. In her spare time, she loves playing in her garden and cooking with her husband. If you’re lucky enough to chat with her ask her about her futuristic pizza oven.

Bookkeeper / Migration Guru in Training

Next there is Taylor. Taylor was a customer of mine for MANY years. Back in the day when I did onsite visits, I would share her office with her while I worked on her QuickBooks file. We always had great conversation and I had (still have) a ton of respect for her and her business partner. They were young entrepreneurs that decided they were going to style the world. They worked the apparel industry for years but were not lucky enough to break through and become a household name. The stress of owning a business took its toll, but she always found peace in doing their bookkeeping. She would call occasionally with ideas about a process workaround, or even to verify her thought process was correct, and it always was. I would always joke with her that if she ever decided fashion was no longer her passion, she would always have a spot at Accounting Therapy. February this year she made that call. She was hanging up her fashion shoes and wanted to take the steps towards becoming a QuickBooks Pro. She always geeked out on her QuickBooks Online file, so I knew I could not say no. I was going to have to find a spot for her. Since February, she has been proactive with learning new industries and getting certified in QuickBooks, she has even helped us setup a ton of new automation for our team. Taylor just recently purchased a new home and has been spending every free moment working on it. If you have a moment to chat with Taylor, ask her about her travels. She is quite the adventurer.

So then there is Shea. My first thought was to say “you all know her” but I am not sure if that is the case anymore. Shea, in my humble opinion, is the best QuickBooks conversion Guru. She has been converting companies to QuickBooks since 2006…. (far longer than any other QuickBooks team) and has really perfected the craft. When our fearless founder is not moving companies to the best accounting package out there, she is focusing mostly on our business and training Taylor on migrations and conversions. Shea has stepped back, and I have taken the role of leader. She is ensuring my team is taken care of the very best that we can. She has added many benefits for the team this year, is documenting our processes, and remains my sounding board for those “questions” I have as a leader. She is my mom! What do you expect? Dare I put it in black and white… Shea has a goal of retiring January 2026. She is, and always has been, the hardest working person I know so we have her practicing retirement once a week. As her daughter, I know she is going to need a lot of practice to not wake up each morning and immediately jump on her computer. Shea is still the leader of our QuickBooks Conversion/Migration team and QuickBooks Enterprise division and will continue in this role until she is confident on passing the baton. If you get a chance to talk to Shea, ask her what she is going to do when she retires and what she is currently painting.

Now me… Alexis…. I hate talking about myself, but here it goes 😊 So, mom started this business when I was 15. I would help her for extra money as a teenager and never considered I would work with numbers as a career. I hated numbers in high school, hated them!!! I had my son just after turning 17 and had an official schedule at Accounting Therapy in between College classes and homework, and well… raising a baby. I was craving independence around 19 and did the typical teenager circuit. I worked at a department store, a doctor’s office and even for friends’ parents. I then found a listing for a local bank. I thought that would be cool because they probably paid really well. I got the job, they paid me a whole $26k per year. (Don’t think I’m a brat about money…Rent was $1250 a month in my area) I really enjoyed the bank job. I had my own desk, with my own schedule and got to get “dressed up” each day. I was promoted twice in less than the 2 years and was working under a woman that remains to this day, one of my very best friends. I was totally in my groove and starting my career. In October 2005 Mom called and told me Accounting Therapy was blowing up and she needed someone she could trust. I accepted her offer. It took some getting used to, but it was a great fit for me and my little family. I could bring my son to work after school, I got to hang out with my family all day and I learned QuickBooks. The rest is history. All of you know how much I love QuickBooks and sharing it with my customers. I want the world to love QuickBooks as much as I do. Any of my friends or family that have a small business or the desire to track their personal finances have been added to our QuickBooks family. In my free time I love to get out of the house and either into my garden or ride my bike to the beach. I’m not a youngster anymore, but you will still find me in the water with my fins chasing down those waves. If you get a chance to chat with me on the phone, ask me about my new (old) home that I share with the best husband in the world.

Last but certainly not least, I want to introduce our Intuit team. Most of you know of our team at Intuit, but since I am sharing our internal team, I should probably share about out Intuit team as well. Noah is our Payroll Rep; we have known Noah since 2007. He has been our saving grace in many payroll disasters. If anyone has the connections at Intuit it’s that guy. Joe helps our customers with credit card processing. He is always on top of his stuff and is super knowledgeable. Danny is our TSheets guy. This guy is an absolute beast and a wealth of knowledge. He is a leader; he is a supporter and he is darn fun at conferences too. Gina, Antonio and Julia are our team members that helps our customers get the best pricing on software. They have access to everything Intuit and can help with even the stickiest of situations.

Hosting QuickBooks

With all of that said, I really wanted to introduce you to everybody because we are changing the way we operate our business and work with customers. We are a team, and we are going to operate as a team. You may work primarily with one of us, but any of us may be working on your file or communicating with you on our needs to provide your services. I want everyone on team Accounting Therapy to be able to help out each customer. If somebody is out of office, I want to make sure our customers are not on pins and needles waiting for answers. We may have one team member that focuses on a specific service more than others, but any of us may reach out at any time regarding anything. Please take the time to get to know us as we are all your Accounting Therapy Team!!

Rocket Bookkeeping

To our current Bookkeeping customers. You will be receiving a separate email in the coming weeks to confirm your lead Bookkeeper. Please be sure to communicate fully with them on your needs and any changes or updates that they may need to be aware of to provide you the best service possible. Remember you are part of Team Accounting Therapy too. Without you, we are not at our very best!!