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THE GOOD IN 2020!!!

Well, 2020 required a different perspective for sure.

Still, we made the best of things and was able to help a lot of people this year. We are very proud of that!!! We are also proud of the fact that team Accounting Therapy has grown as well.

We could not have had such an impactful year without you guys. We especially thank you for pushing and fighting through this pandemic and being a part of your local economy. Small Businesses are the backbone of our economy and we all need to be proud of, and support, each other!!

Great Job!!!

Last year,  we focused on our business as well. We created documented systems to ensure as we grow we will continue to provide the value of services you deserve.

We really challenged ourselves to focus on the client experience. We have, as well as most of you, mastered remote support and have decided we will continue to be a Remote Only service provider. This year has proved that remote is 100% possible and allows for more productive time for both us and our customers.

Last, but definitely not least, we created a new service for our non-bookkeeping customers. Even our customers that have their own accounting team needs some consistent QuickBooks attention too. We find that if we would have just jumped in a file and reviewed it a few times, we could have avoided that big hairy expensive project, during tax time… when we are super busy.

You know it!!! You have all been through that scary accounting project. They are terrible; we feel your pain. That’s how these services were born.

So we have a couple offerings worth looking at. We have some info on our website Support Services page. You know us, we’re not the salesy types, but let us know if you think you could benefits from some high level reviews and/or dedicated open office hours throughout the year.

2020 was absolutely insane, I’m glad we made it through with you all. We are excited for 2021. We have already began enhancing our Project Management System and Customer Communication portal. Be on the lookout for that.

Hope you all had a healthy and happy holiday season and I wish you a very happy New Years.