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Accounting Therapy works hard for clients, and the month of September was pretty busy for our team.  Below Alexis shares in her words a project where she helped one of her bookkeeping clients in the construction industry convert to QuickBooks Online.

“Last month was pretty busy. On top of our Regular Recurring bookkeeping services we had a few large bookkeeping catch-up projects and quite a few QuickBooks data corruption repairs. But my favorite project for the month was from a long-time client. We will call him Mr. Concrete.

Mr. Concrete has been a client of ours for almost a decade. Although we do not hear from him on a monthly basis, he does know that when he decides to make any big changes to his accounting processes he knows to call us.ALexis at work

He is a very “hands on” business owner and prefers that we get him set-up, optimize the file for the way his business works, train him and then make sure we are available when he needs us… and we always are.

Mr. Concrete is in the construction industry (obviously!) and started with a single business entity and a single QuickBooks file many years ago. As of the most recent request for help he had 4 entities and 4 QuickBooks Premier files hosted on Right Networks. He was not happy with the current setup and wanted a more reliable, easily accessible solution.

After a short consultation we suggested QuickBooks Online, and he was ready to make the big switch. This meant switching not only his software for each file, but his payroll and merchant services also. It was a big step but with proper planning and staying on schedule it was executed perfectly. No mishaps, no late payroll and no customer screaming about not being able to pay their bills…. Like any customer would scream about that!

We then performed our services as usual with Mr. Concrete: we got the data files converted and optimized, setup the added services and trained him and his staff.  Mission accomplished and another project with Mr. Concrete leaving a satisfied customer. It’s always nice connecting with Mr. Concrete and I’m sure we will hear from him again in a few years.”


– By Alexis Sadler, QuickBooks Pro