With the new year upon us, I have been reflecting on my own life, both business and personal. While I am a very happy person and tend to do the things that I love pretty often, I do feel that there is always room for improvement in my life. I have been reading a lot and getting caught up in the abyss some of you call YouTube. This has encouraged me to consciously take steps towards improving the life that I already love so much. So why am I sharing this with you? Well I truly believe that people are only as good as the people that surround them. As silly as it sounds… my customers are the people I spend the most time with. So…why not encourage you all to make your owns goals and we can share and encourage each other to be the best we can be.

From the research I have done there are 7 areas of our life that we should regularly focus on. They are, in no particular order: Social, Health, Financial, Business, Family, Intellectual and Spiritual. When I found these, I looked at some of them and cringed. I figured I was destine to fail.  I am not a person of faith so I figured the spiritual area would immediately fail. I would not consider myself a social person. I love people, but i  spend SO much of my time working… often from home… by myself. I work out by myself. I walk the dogs by myself. I garden by myself. The things I do for fun, I tend to do by myself. Then there is the Family Area… I tend to believe I have a pretty different family dynamic. We are spread all over the United states and rarely see each other. My fiance (Dylan) works like a machine and my son lives out of town so again…. my family most of the time is me and my dogs.

Social, Family and Spiritual Goals scared me to no end because I thought it was impossible to create the right goals for these areas of my life. I’m sure most of you that know me well know that I can take the other 4 goals and run with those. I love pushing myself in the gym and seeing those results, Accounting Therapy is my life, my own finances are tracked to the penny and learning is one of my favorite things…. So those seemed easier. I did some more reading and eventually I decided that I can interpret the Social, Family, Spiritual areas of my life any way I want…so I did!


Social: Have a friend over once a month to make them dinner. (Let me know if you want to be one of those guests)

Health: Lose 30 lbs by May (I’m getting married in June)

Financial: Payoff Debt (We have some credit card debt and borrowed money to replace our chimney)

Business: Increase Bookkeeping Customers and complete the 2020 certifications

Family: Take my fiancé walking with myself and the dogs & have my god kids come stay with me once a quarter

Intellectual: Read a little bit each day

Spiritual: Buy a blanket or dog bed each month and drop off at the local animal shelter.

As you can see they seem like little goals (except the debt). But by holding yourself accountable and following through with the little things, you are empowering yourself to conquer the big things that are thrown at you throughout the year. Now go make yourself some goals, make them measurable and with time limits. Make 2020 your best year yet…. Its never to late to kick some butt!!


If personal goals are not your forte, our you want to take your business goals to the next level, here are some things you can implement in your business for 2020.

  1. Schedule your networking: Get out there and tell people how wonderful you are and make sure its on your calendar.
  2. Create Revenue Goals: Do you want to sell more widgets or do you want to increase the price of your widgets or services? Set time limits and celebrate when these are accomplished.
  3. Leadership Development: Schedule and Budget for training. Everything changes so quickly and no matter how good you think you are, there is somebody out there that is better. Stay up to date on your training and be the best you can be.
  4. Update your Website: I know there are a ton of you that put up your website years ago and haven’t changed it since. Make some goals to improve your website, this is where most of your customers should be finding you.
  5. Encourage your team: This may sound silly to some, but team encouragement is a must in this current business environment. Team members want to feel appreciate and want to know how they can improve. Schedule some time at least once a month to sit down with your team and discuss their work, how they can improve and what they are doing a really good job with.