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Choose from either the Silver, Gold or Platinum editions (Description below), and 2) the number of users you need.

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QuickBooks Enterprise with Hosting comes in the Silver, Gold and Platinum editions, so you can choose what works best for you:

Comparison of Enterprise Plans


QuickBooks Enterprise software is built for businesses with a lot going on and comes with advanced features, capacity and business support to streamline your business’ financial systems:

  • Operate anywhere from 1 to 30 users, who can all work at the same time

  • Track 100,000+ (yes, hundreds of thousands!) of customers, vendors, and inventory items and employees using expanded list limits

  • 6x the capacity of other QuickBooks products

  • Allows for up to 1 million items, users, and vendors

  • Consolidate reports from multiple company files

  • Set up new users quickly with 14 predefined, advanced user roles

  • Ability to work in two company files at the same time

  • Create customized financial reports with exclusive access to Intuit Statement Writer

  • Create custom reports with ODBC-compliant applications using a direct connection to the QuickBooks database

  • Versions of QuickBooks Enterprise are designed specifically for your industry: contracting, manufacturing & wholesale, nonprofit, retail and professional services

  • QuickBooks Priority Circle is a new feature included with your QuickBooks Enterprise subscription.  You’re provided the direct line to your Customer Success Manager who will provide you with priority customer support services, access to free QuickBooks training classes and the ability to connect with specialists as needed.

  • Advanced Reporting: Over 150 instant reports are available on your sales, expenses and profit with QuickBooks Enterprise’s Advanced Reporting tools.  You can easily customize information-driven reports or use pre-made templates designed specifically for the contractor, manufacturer/wholesaler, non-profit, and retail industries.  QuickBooks even offers an in-depth training portal if you need help with developing a report. (Learn more about Advanced Reporting here.)


All editions also include customer support, online backup data storage, product upgrades, and training tools.





Gold edition is all about payroll.  If you need to pay employees, this may be the best version of QuickBooks Enterprise for you.  Get all the functionality of Silver edition (see above), plus Payroll Enhanced features that allow you to pay and file taxes, pay employees, and streamline your payroll.

Payroll Enhanced enables you to complete several essential tasks: create paychecks; enable direct deposits for employees and 1099 contractors; get the latest payroll updates to ensure you are using the most current and accurate rates; give employees 24/7 online access to their own paycheck info with ViewMyPaycheck; automatically completed federal and state tax forms; setup E-file and E-pay; after-the-fact payroll for efficient adjustments; and free expert support.

More than 90% of purchasers recommend QuickBooks Enterprise.





Platinum Edition is particularly useful for businesses who need to manage a large inventory and flexible pricing, such as manufacturers, wholesalers, contractors and retailers.  QuickBooks Enterprise Platinum Edition includes everything in Gold Edition, in addition to the exclusive use of Advanced Inventory and Advanced Pricing.

Advanced Inventory is an efficient inventory management system designed to organize, track and manage inventory items, all from your Quickbooks Enterprise account software.

The Advanced Inventory tool comes with several key features:

  • Sort inventory by location, bin, lot and serial number

  • Efficiently enter inventory data using a bar code scanner or mobile device

  • Track inventory between locations

  • Setup various types of locations

  • Customize inventory reports such as Inventory Stock by Item, Inventory Valuation Summary, Assembly Shortage by Item

  • Use FIFO costing

  • Sales order management features help you prioritize the most urgent orders and review ship date, inventory availability, value of order, and other critical information

  • All data in one place makes your accounting data, inventory systems and job costing reports super easy to manage

  • Learn more on our Advanced Inventory page


Your Platinum Edition subscription also comes with Advanced Pricing, here are some of the features you will only get with the Advanced Pricing tool:

  • Create quantity discounts

  • View the last sold price at time of sale

  • Include original price column (to show customers their discount)

  • Edit/adjust prices in multi-user mode

  • Create sophisticated price rules by sales rep, class, customer or job type, item category, vendor

  • Create rules with start and end date

  • Apply multiple rules at once

  • Create exclusive rules

  • Learn more on our Advanced Pricing page


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