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February 27, 2014


       We only recommend products that we have seen in action, used internally or for our clients.  We are constantly researching QuickBooks compatible products and can’t possibly name every one, but here a few that we think can help in many situations.

71 LBS

If you ship with FedEx and/or UPS, then we encourage you to learn more about how you can optimize what you are already spending on your shipping. Businesses are entitled to refunds on late deliveries, invoice errors, and lost & damaged packages shipped via FedEx and UPS. However, the claims process is complex and requires time and money, to get refunds back, successfully. So we have partnered with 71lbs in order to share this valuable service with you.

Here’s how it works: 71lbs can monitor and claim the refunds on your behalf. Once the shipping refunds are credited by FedEx and/or UPS, then 71lbs will invoice you for their fee which is half of the found & collected refunds. That’s it!

Explore more at www.71lbs.com/accountingtherapy about how to ONLY pay your carrier for what you have agreed to pay. Thank you for your confidence in us. We value you as our customer and are committed to your success.

71 lbs Shipping Refunds
Claim Late Deliveries, Invoice Audits or Lost and Damages Shipments



We recommend Checks for Less to our customers, because they are guaranteed the lowest prices in the nation on their products. So be sure to place your next check order or re-order here.

Click the banner to see supplies they offer or to place an order:

Business Checks for Less

We’ve even created a step-by-step video you can follow along and it will tell you how to place an order.

Or if you prefer, we can place the order for you, just contact our office and we will make that happen.


We have been using and recommending Bay State Consulting products for years. They explain that their products “work as advertised and meet the rigorous standards required by Intuit.” Because end-users may not be aware of Intuit’s standards we think it just as important that they meet our standards. Click on the image or link below to go to their website and check out the various tools available.

Transaction Pro Importer for QuickBooks   Transaction Pro Deleter for QuickBooks   Transaction Pro Exporter for QuickBooks

[button type=”btn_border” url=”http://www.baystateconsulting.com/products.htm?affiliate=accountingtherapy” target=”” button_color_fon=”#723f32″ ]QuickBooks Import/Export Utilities[/button]


Protect your personal assets and save money on taxes

Are you ready to start your business, but not sure where to start? Forming a new business entity, whether an S-corporation, C-corporation or a LLC learn more about the taxation benefits and liability protection for any type of business.

  • Protect your personal assets
  • Save money on taxes

Click below to learn more:

My Corporation LLC