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April 5, 2017


Wondering how QuickBooks Online works?

Here is a quick intro on QuickBooks Online features:

Compare your subscription options in QuickBooks Online

Intuit offers three versions of QuickBooks Online. Whether you are a start-up company setting up your financial file for the first time, a growing company looking for custom solutions for your unique business needs, or just looking for a better way to run your business and streamline its financial software, QuickBooks has an option built for you.



For businesses who need to keep track of their inventory or who work with 1099 contractors, QuickBooks Online Plus is recommended.  Most businesses will need the features enabled in QuickBooks Online Essentials to pay bills or create sales reports.  Some businesses only need to download their bank account transactions, track income and expenses, create and send invoices, and manage estimates, all of which QuickBooks Simple Start offers.

Each version of QuickBooks Online allows you to securely access your company file on any of your devices.  QuickBooks Online works on PC, Mac and mobile devices.


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QuickBooks Online was designed to make receiving payments fast and easy – accept payment anywhere



Compare QuickBooks Desktop products for small business