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December 22, 2020


Your QuickBooks file is unique, your support should be too!

From startups and new QuickBooks users to well established companies (and all the in-betweens, of course!) – we’ve got a Support Plan that will fit your needs! Plans include a variety of services to assist you and your team with QuickBooks & bookkeeping questions. Things like regular scheduled support sessions, access to virtual “Open Office” hours, and annual and quarterly file reviews are just some of the perks! Check out the plans below to see what we’ve curated to better service YOU!


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This is our top-shelf plan providing you with same day response time, quarterly file reviews + a corrective action plan to resolve any findings, and a once per month remote session. If you are looking for senior level support with the fastest response this plan may be the one for you!  


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With quarterly file reviews and 1-business day turnaround time on support questions via phone and email, this plan is great for any business that wants to stay on top of their financials throughout the year and still get their questions answered in a day’s turnaround time! 


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For businesses in need of moderate support at a value price, our Galaxy plan delivers! With an annual file review, two-business day response time to email requests, and the standard access to remote services via our “Open Office” hours, this plan gives you service on a budget! 


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For businesses that have questions that generally are not pressing, this plan offers regular support options via email requests with a 5-day response time and monthly access to our team via “Open Office” hours!  


Each QuickBooks file has different complexities. To ensure you have our full support for all areas of your company file, we have itemized the additional fees per QuickBooks feature, so you are only paying for the support you need. Prior to selecting any plan, we will walk you through your decision-making process and provide the details on your support plan. 

  • QBES & QBOA add $49/per mo 
  • Payroll/Merchant Services add $5/per mo 
  • Sales Tax add $5/per mo 
  • ECommerce per channel add $5/ per mo 
  • Inventory add $59/ per mo 

Additional Fees: 

  • Meeting $99/ 30 minutes 
  • File Review $299 /each 

 (1) Open office is a monthly remote link that you can join to ask any QuickBooks support questions you may have. Attendees attending the remote session join the waiting room and will be admitted to a private one-on-one session on a first come first serve basis.  

(2) The file review includes reviewing cash, balance sheet & P&L, A/R, A/P, reconciliations and uncategorized transactions. Additionally, a review of QuickBooks features and use as it relates to financial statements is assessed. The “feature” review includes identifying feature misuse as identified through the financial review process and does not include a full assessment of your QB file setup.