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February 12, 2014


           Accounting Therapy has been serving QuickBooks users since 1996 making our customers goals, our goals. We support you so you can do what you went into business to do and not get bogged down with your accounting system. We believe your accounting system is the hub of your operations and we help integrate the tools that support efficient operations. Allowing us to do what we went into business to do helps you be more effective and promotes your success. After all, your success is our success.

We are QuickBooks Solution Providers and have been since the program inception. We have been Intuit ProAdvisors since 1999 and have several decades of accounting, bookkeeping and business operations experience. But don’t be fooled we are not your typical accountant personality, we are real people, and business owners just like you. We make sure that there is a bit of fun while getting the important stuff done.

Our Rocket Bookkeeping services include regular recurring bookkeeping, new file setup, reconstructions and reconciliations. We also provide software setup, implementation, training and data migrations from one QuickBooks file to another, or another accounting software to QuickBooks.

We sell and support all things QuickBooks, Pro, Premier, Enterprise Solutions, Point of Sale, Payroll, Merchant Services and third party application add-ons to support those areas needed for smooth operations that may not be fully supported by accounting software. These integrated add-ons include CRM, Time Tracking, Field Services, Project Management, Shipping management and website integration to name a few.

           We are “QuickBooks Pro’s on a Mission” and we love what we do.


I have spent most of my life in the South Bay and more of my life using QuickBooks than not. My current client list ranges from the local market to high profile manufacturing. I work with the Mom and Pops, the Board Rooms and everyone in between. I love to get to know the entire staff and I love to help each and every one of them know how QuickBooks can make them shine at their profession. I started with QuickBooks when I was 17 years old and it has become a part of my daily life. Friends, family, neighbors and sometimes even strangers are learning about how QuickBooks can help them in their daily lives…even if it’s just tracking their personal finances.

I love to cook. The cleaning… not so much, but I love to experiment with flavors and I love even more copying my favorite restaurant recipes (but healthier of course). I love to cook for my family and have even been invited to clients to learn their family recipes. (But don’t tell my family, they think they’re all mine)

My lifelong love is baseball. I enjoy a good old fashion baseball game whether it’s the Boston Red Sox or the local little league team. I can watch anything that takes place on a diamond. I’ve spent the last 17 years raising an amazing young man that is an ace on the mound. He helps me satisfy my need for baseball on a regular basis. I don’t know what I’ll do when he’s off to college.

I love what I do and I love to work hard; and I love even more seeing the calm on my clients faces when I walk through the door. I consider each and every one of them family and I think my honesty with them proves that.

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Shea ONeal


I am a firm believer that there is not a single software out there that is perfect for any company. It is a matter of evaluating the pros/cons and matching those to your budget. After our consultation you will understand what you can and cannot have from QuickBooks as it relates to your operations and whether the development of a work-around’s or an add-on product will support areas unique to your company.

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I attended high school in San Pedro at Mary Star of the Sea where I got to pursue one of my life long passions, Baseball. Proud to say we took CIF my Junior year and had a blast with some great guys. I met a lot of great friends in school, but after we all graduated I was sure college was not for me. I did a few side jobs that didn’t really stick and then mom asked if I wanted to help her and the team.

I spent most of my childhood running the hallways of Accounting Therapy. I used to do my homework at the conference tables and on rainy days watch movies in the lunch room. When I was about 12 my mom started having me help her with QuickBooks Data Entry projects. (It was tedious, but I always found something to spend that money on.)

I have only recently started working for the family business. It has only been since 2017, but already has been exciting. I’m working hard on the day to day tasks needed to help everyone be successful, and it’s exciting learning the business I have been surrounded by my whole life. I am loving every second of it. The family, friends and customers that we have at Accounting Therapy make this an amazing place to work.




“I Like long walks on the Beach with a good Rocky Road ice cream cone on hand … anyway

I started working for Accounting Therapy a few years ago and I am so thankful for that! Since working here my love and knowledge of QuickBooks has grown exponentially. I can work with a team who genuinely cares about the people and companies we help. I am a people person, so I especially enjoy meeting new Clients and getting to know their stories.

I feel honored that I get to assist our clients (Work Fam) with their QuickBooks files and provide piece of mind that comes with having accurate financials. One of my favorite things is watching Businesses grow and blossom and I feel that in a small way I am also part of that.”

Bookkeeper / Migration Guru in Training


I originally met Alexis in another life chapter! I was a young entrepreneur running a women’s wholesale clothing company in Redondo Beach, CA and desperately needed bookkeeping help! Alexis swooped in and whipped my QuickBooks into shape; it was a match made in heaven! Alexis taught me SO much in the years she worked with my company and together we created new processes and work arounds to make the company books operate like clockwork! She always joked that if I ever needed a job, I should call her! Well, after 7 years of entrepreneurial…. bliss? heartache? education?… my business partner and I decided it was time to call it quits. Alexis was the first and only call I made. She graciously found me a place in the Accounting Therapy family and I couldn’t be happier! I started on Valentine’s Day, 2020 and I’m happy to report, it’s still a match made in heaven!

A little bit about me personally – I grew up and currently live in Phoenix, AZ. I spent my college years at Colorado State University, double majoring in Business Administration and Apparel Design and Production… with a “minor” in skiing & country music . I love to cook, hike, take leisurely bike rides, dream up home improvement projects, and most of all, travel! Some highlights so far… the Taj Mahal, Mexico City, and Cinque Terre!



Noah has been part of our team since we first started with the QuickBooks Solutions Provider Program  in 2006.

He goes above and beyond to make sure our clients fully understand the processes they’ll be facing with their new payroll services. We trust Noah 100% with our clients.

Noah is our go-to guy for payroll and also a great resource for navigating the web of Intuit’s departments. He’s the best payroll rep Intuit has!, and a necessary part of our team.

You may run into him on the mountains, shredding some snow during the winter, or catching waves in Hawaii during the summer.

Gina Avila


Intuit Account Manager

Gina has been part of the Intuit QuickBooks family for over 23 years, starting as a business consultant for small and mid size QuickBooks customers, and now a Senior Channel Account Manager for the QuickBooks Solution Provider team.

Gina works directly with Accounting Therapy as our strategic sales and marketing growth partner, supporting our goal to grow and provide world class service to our QuickBooks clients. Gina also enables our team to provide you with the fastest service possible for all of your QuickBooks orders and needs.

Julia Borquez


Intuit Account Manager

Julia’s invaluable help as Channels Manager for the Intuit Reseller Program enables our team to truly excel and keep our clients happy.

Julia is one of our direct liaisons with Intuit and we rely on her considerable expertise to keep us up-to-date on the latest product information, facilitate software order processing and fulfillment, and help build our company product strategy.


TSheets Account Manager

Danny Shark is our go-to expert for all things TSheets.  He’s been with TSheets for almost 4 years now (!), and with his help we are able to offer automated payroll and other great invoicing options to our clients.  Danny’s goal is to help clients like ours, one timesheet at a time. Outside of work, you might find Danny out in the giant natural park of Boise, Idaho, and travelling the world whenever he can.


Joe Yanikatian


Intuit Payment Manager

Joe is a 15 year veteran with Intuit, helping our clients with integrated credit card processing so they can save time, reduce overhead, and scale their operations with ease. He can set up merchant processing and payment solutions from inside your QuickBooks software, your mobile device, your e-commerce site and more.

Joe works closely with Accounting Therapy to provide our clients the integration with QuickBooks that can only be obtained via Intuit Merchant Services.