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If you own a business and aim to succeed, you need an epic team supporting you & your QuickBooks® file.

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Launch your business to the next level with Accounting Therapy.

What do you get when you work with Rocket Bookkeeping?

Consider us your cash captain, ready to handle all of your bookkeeping.

And, if you need just a little help right now, we’re your clever co-pilot ensuring your success

All Rocket Bookkeeping services include:

  • Curated financial reports delivered to you on each service date.
  • A fixed bookkeeping schedule using the latest accounting technology.
  • Flat-rate investment so you can easily budget for services.
  • Dedicated communication space, so it’s easy to get all your questions answered.

We customize bookkeeping services to your unique needs and guarantee we have the capacity and the knowledge to grow with you.


Ready for lift-off?

Our Rocket Bookkeepers welcome you onboard. Let’s shoot for the moon!

You’ll never have to worry about your bookkeeping again.

Select your service option below, and let’s get started.

*All Bookkeeping Services start with a file review.

*Taxes will be charged based on local regulations.

    Are you curious what a QuickBooks® Pro would do to improve or clean up your file?

    Phase 1 – Diagnosis (Initial File Review): Think of this as an initial evaluation of your current accounting file and maintenance practices. Our team of experts reviews your file to see where you’re at and how we can help. From our findings, we deliver a Corrective Action Plan (CAP) that explains what needs to be done in order to get your books into tip-top shape!

    Phase 2 – Therapy (CAP Completion): Here we help you complete the tasks detailed in your Corrective Action Plan! Our team is able to work various ways during this phase, depending how hands-on you would like to be. Our clients often let us take the reins to fully execute all tasks and updates needed. However, we can also work with you and your team, dividing and conquering tasks as necessary.

    Phase 3 – Life after Therapy (Monthly Bookkeeping): Once your books are spick & span, don’t worry we won’t leave you hanging! We offer a convenient recurring, monthly option called Rocket Bookkeeping. It ensures your accounts are reconciled each and every month – successfully fulfilling our company mission to manage your books, so you can manage your business!


    We offer discounted pricing on all QuickBooks® software.

    Don’t pay full price for QuickBooks® software when you don’t have to. We’ve been part of the QuickBooks® Solutions Provider program since it launched in 2006 and have been QuickBooks ProAdvisor's since it launched in 1997. That means we get to pass BIG SAVINGS onto you.

    Yeah, we’re cool like that.

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