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Working in the wrong version of QuickBooks® is like flying the wrong rocketship.

We can help you find the right fit for your mission.

With your custom File Conversion, you get: 

 A  planning meeting, so you know what to expect and your project timeline. 

  • A file evaluation to ensure compatibility of features, setup, and data.
  • A secure portal with clear steps for each project. 
  • A copy of your existing QuickBooks® data in the software of your choice. 

 PLUS, enjoy: 

  • The right QuickBooks® version with the features you need. We’ll help you decide on the best version of QuickBooks® for your business. 
  • A guaranteed turnaround time of 1 week  - after we receive your file and all requested info. 
  • An introduction to your new software—if you need it. 
  • Peace of mind that your numbers are in the right place. 

For the most recent information on what does and does not convert, click here.


Need a little more? 

Add-on services include: 

  • Converting to QuickBooks® Enterprise Solutions: $200
  • Number of years to convert: $59 per year 
  • QuickBooks® Payroll: $200*
  • Inventory: $200

Standard turnaround time for File Conversions is 1 week. 

If you subscribe to a QuickBooks Payroll Subscription other than Elite the charge is $25, per person / per paycheck.

Need your file converted at lightning speed? 

  • Expedite your File Conversion with a turnaround time of 1–2 business days for an additional $195 per file. 
  • Get an even faster turnaround with the option to hire us during non-business hours for an additional $390 per file. 


*Taxes will be charged based on local regulations.


Services Include

Initial File Analysis: In this phase, Accounting Therapy evaluates your file to ensure its compatibility with QuickBooks Online. They determine the optimal QuickBooks Online version for your needs and identify specific functions that might require enabling before the conversion. This ensures a seamless transition that aligns with your existing processes.

The Conversion: Accounting Therapy's conversion process migrates your existing QuickBooks Desktop file to QuickBooks Online. This includes transferring all data, such as customer lists, vendor details, item records, class codes, and each transaction.

Post Analysis: Following the conversion, Accounting Therapy meticulously compares your original QuickBooks Desktop data and financials with the newly created QuickBooks Online file. This comprehensive analysis guarantees the accuracy of the conversion and financial parity between your old and new files.

Don’t stay with a software that doesn’t work best for you—not when you’ve got lots of options.

The File Conversion service is for you if you…

  • Feel disappointed that Intuit can’t convert your file.
  • Want expert guidance when switching between versions of QuickBooks®.
  • Need additional features within your software.
  • Are ready to switch from QuickBooks® Desktop to Online or vice versa.

We know what works and we work fast. 

Our QuickBooks® Pros will guide you on the best software version for your exact needs.

Whether your QuickBooks® is on the fritz or you’re ready to take the leap into an updated version of QuickBooks®, you can count on us to get your file settled into the perfect fit.

Go ahead—shoot for the moon! We know the way.

Every rocket launch needs a mission control center. You’ve just found yours.

“I have worked with many different accountants and accounting companies (both for my personal finances and along my professional path), to say Alexis at Accounting Therapy is OUTSTANDING would be an understatement. Accounting Therapy is knowledgeable, efficient, and the BEST at what they do. Alexis is real and she won't waste your time. She will get the job done and you will never need to find help elsewhere for your accounting needs. I have seen her take disastrous books and turn them into a clean set of books and reports that you're actually able to use to move forward in your business.

She is truly amazing and I would be lost without her!

- Erin M., Su Casa


We offer discounted pricing on all QuickBooks® software.

Don’t pay full price for QuickBooks® software when you don’t have to. We’ve been part of the QuickBooks® Solutions Provider program since it launched in 2006 and have been QuickBooks ProAdvisor's since it launched in 1997. That means we get to pass BIG SAVINGS onto you.

Yeah, we’re cool like that.

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