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We’re QuickBooks® Pro’s on a Mission—and we’re your official crew to help you reach your goals and beyond.

Accounting Therapy was founded in 1996 by Shea O’Neal to serve QuickBooks® users with all things bookkeeping. In 1998, Shea's daughter, Alexis Sadler, joined the team. She was 17 and ready to learn everything about bookkeeping. With more hands-on-deck, the family business evolved into a thriving company supporting entrepreneurs at any stage of business. We’ve grown from a mom and daughter team to a crew of 8 and growing. We love bookkeeping because we know it’s about more than the numbers. It’s how we help business owners reach their professional and personal goals—and that REALLY lights us up!

We’re all about sustaining a flexible and fun work environment, so we’ve built rock-solid systems to get you from A to B quickly and painlessly.

"A family member introduced Accounting Therapy to me, and my only regret is not starting with them from day one when I launched my wedding planning business a few years ago. They are very professional and knowledgeable and I enjoyed working with them virtually leading up to the end of 2020. They quickly cleaned up my bookkeeping and implemented a new invoicing system for me to bill clients directly through QuickBooks®. They created video tutorials for me which I can reference at any time down the road and gave me the confidence I needed with my business finances.

I highly recommend Accounting Therapy to anyone feeling lost in QuickBooks® and wanting to get a tighter grip on their accounting!

- Andria V., CEO at Andria Leigh Events

We stick by our core values!!!

Treat everyone like your favorite aunt.  

Don't find faults, find remedies. 

Work smarter through automation. 

Honesty and transparency make you valuable.  

Be a boomerang. 

Run your day.  

We all have lives.  

Meet our crew of super heroes

Our team is fully-remote and based out of Arizona, California, New Jersey, South Carolina, Tennessee & Wyoming

We can work with you wherever you are.