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The bookkeeping division of Accounting Therapy, Inc.

Rocket Bookkeeping

The QuickBooks Pro’s have developed a team specifically devoted to addressing your bookkeeping needs:

Rocket Bookkeeping is a stellar way for you to save time and money on that dreaded task of tracking your finances while adding a second eye to help you identify your expense, income, inventory, and all that fun stuff that keep you up at night.

Our customizable bookkeeping service options mean you only pay for the services you need

Browse and compare details on our Earth, Venus and Mercury plans below. Bookkeeping services are most often provided monthly, however we can accommodate a weekly or semi-monthly update.

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$1,250+ per month

This fully customizable service is for the larger business that employs around 20 employees. These companies generally have up to 5 bank and credit cards for many employees. They may also be in need of tracking corporate credit card accounts and have provided business cards for many employees. These companies will not only track their Invoices and Bills but may also require Sales Orders and/or Purchase Orders as well as possibly tracking their inventory. Monthly Reports Delivered: Balance Sheet, P&L, Open Invoices, Unpaid Bills, and Custom Industry-Specific Reports.

Some Examples of ‘Earth’ Customers –

#1 Quarterly Services / Real Estate / $2310 per Quarter – This is a well-established Real Estate Investor and developer. We’ve been working with him for over 10 years. He has No Payroll, No Sales Tax, No Inventory. He has well over a dozen QuickBooks files at any one time. We are constantly closing one company and opening another. He is pretty repetitive in his spending yet there is a decent amount of time trying to identify investors and equity within entities and properties. Due to the constant change in his properties, his monthly cost is constantly being reviewed to make sure the price is fair for not only us, but also the for him.

Bi-Monthly Services / Restaurant / $1650 per month – This is a well established Restaurant. We’ve been working with this customer for about 4 years. When they found us they had never (in over 10 years of business) seen a P&L and Balance Sheet from their Accountant. After working with them for a bit it was figured out his prior accountant never filed Payroll, Sales or Corporate tax returns. We had to recreate financials since the beginning of time to get him all straightened out with the IRS, EDD and State Board. After 4 years his Accountants are on the final stretch with the corporate returns and everything is falling into place really well. Once this is complete this customer will most likely drop down to VENUS.


Data Migrations

Mid-Size $750+ per month

This service is for the mid-size business with around 8 employees. These companies generally have 2-3 bank accounts and up to two credit cards. These companies will create Invoices and Enter bills into their QuickBooks file for tracking of their Receivables and Payables. Monthly Reports Delivered: Balance Sheet, P&L, Open Invoices and Unpaid Bills.

Some Example of ‘Venus’ Customers –

Monthly Services / Real Estate / $950 per month – This is an entity with a total of 6 properties. We have been working with them for close to 10 years. This is a less than organized company in which the owner is very hard to get ahold of. We find ourselves asking the same questions multiple times, but eventually we get the answers. There are 2 QuickBooks files needing maintenance for this customer yet they both need to Reconcile to each other. There are constantly new Vendors being created. He is not a creature of habit and spends money at new places all the time. At the end of each year we are provided and bankers box full of paper that we need to go through in order to add transactions to the QB file.

Monthly Services / Restaurant / $750 per month – This is a Newer, but successful restaurant. We’ve been working with them for about a year. This is a semi organized customer where most often we can connect on the phone. There are a ton of quirks with this file that make every month a new adventure. The consistency of the sales and transactions are not quite there yet, but the routine is being developed on their end.


New File Setup

Start-Up $350+ per month

This service is for our startups and youthful companies with very few employees and averages two bank accounts and/or credit cards. They have a limited number of business transactions and generally do not track their bills or invoices. Income and Expenses are recorded in their QuickBooks file only when a transaction is posted to the bank or credit card. Also known as Cash Basis Accounting. Monthly Reports delivered: Balance Sheet, Profit & Loss Statement.

Some Examples of ‘Mercury’ Customers –

Monthly Services / Textile Printing Industry / $350 per month – 

This is a young company with not many transactions within the QuickBooks file. We have been working with them for less than a year. There is no inventory. The customer is very organized and easy to get ahold of and very quick and getting answers to my questions.

Monthly Services / Medical / $400 per month – This is a well established Medical facility with a single doctor and no inventory. We have been working with the for just under 10 years. The customer is completely hands-off and very repetitive in her spending habits. The is a VERY routine file with very few questions for the doctor. The only communication we have is once a year we get an email from her assistant for financials for a loan, and then communication with her CPA and tax time. We have had this client for many years.

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