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Bring Peace to Your Day

While we all have a bit of crazy in our days, that does not mean we have to stay crazy. So, I’m going to share my top 3 strategies for cancelling the crazy in my day. My #I strategy (and not only because it is first on the list) is using my calendar religiously. If it is not on my calendar, it is VERY rare that someone will get my attention during a time they are not scheduled. Yes, I have to say NO a lot. Yes, sometimes people must wait two weeks for my attention. But this is so helpful in cancelling the crazy.

The second strategy is one I know you will have a hard time with. I still have a hard time with it. How many of you have said these fine words? “It will take me less time to do it myself! Ha!! I know you have said that! It is the curse of anyone who oversees a group. Although that may be true the first time, what about the 12th time? At what point does it take more time? I am sure all of you feel you have team members that should have learned something you’re still doing, a long time ago. Delegation will not only make you less crazy, but it will also educate your team and will earn you so much respect. You think Steve Jobs was running to the post office? What about Bill Gates… you think he changes the toner in his printer? How about Mark Cuban… you think he is holding interviews for the next concession’s employee? No!!! All these amazing business owners allow their team to do the little stuff, while they do the big stuff. I am sure you know the ratio of big stuff to little stuff in your business. Imagine if you no longer had to do any of the little stuff.

My last trick for cancelling the crazy is do something physical with your body. It may sound ridiculous, but my favorite part about working at home is that I can break out into down dog or upward salute whenever I feel like my body is taking on too much stress. If my brain cannot take it anymore, I may do a 10-minute yoga session or take my dog for a quick walk around the block. Yes, it may sound absolutely ridiculous, but it is a game changer for me. Maybe yoga is not your thing… I had a client that would do pushups. He said he would do as many as he could, as SLOW as he could. I am not sure how many times you have done push-ups, but I can tell you one thing about pushups: when you are maxing out as slow as you can, you are not thinking about anything but those pushups. That is the whole goal in doing something physical… Get out of your head!!! Plus, your body benefits from getting away from your desk.

Hopefully those are helpful for you. There are so many strategies, I just hope you find your strategies to keep your business thriving while keeping the crazy to a minimum. I would love to hear your strategies. I cannot help but feel like I know the strategies of some of you reading this now. Without naming names, we have the runner, the gardener, the vacationer, the golfer, the surfer, the reader, the hiker and a couple other fellow yogis.


Yep, you are all still with me… and always will be! 😊 Good luck w/ your strategies and please share your favorite strategy for cancelling the crazy!

If none of those work for you, you can always resort to your childhood tactics.

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