June 26, 2014


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Report Writing


          There are times when you may need a little assistance, readying your file for taxes or specialized financial reporting, or maybe you want or need more regular recurring services. These services can include:

  • Routine maintenance & account reconciliation
  • Receivables/payables management
  • Online banking and credit card setup, automation and updating
  • Inventory and job costing
  • Corporate, State Sales or Payroll tax system set-up for automation and reconciliation
  • Sales tax and Payroll processing
  • Month end reconciliation and “Closing” Books
  • See our Bookkeeping Page for Regular Recurring Bookkeeping Services!

QuickBooks Data-File Analysis


Accounting Therapy can perform data file reviews in every area of your accounting file and provide you with a findings report to make you aware of the processes that are not being adhered to, that need correction, enhancements or system changes. At your elections corrective actions can be performed “by” us, “with” us or by you, with or without our assistance. We can issue recommendations for future processing, changes to your systems to improve your data integrity and streamline tasks. Accounting Therapy can provide new to QuickBooks and experienced QuickBooks users the peace of mind to know that their software is being used properly and that financial data is being reported correctly. Contact us to get started: (310)791-1230 info@accountingtherapy.com Contact Form

File Setup or Reconstruction


If you are just starting with QuickBooks or need to redo what’s already been done, Accounting Therapy knows accounting and has extensive experience with the new file set-up, implementation, construction and re-construction of QuickBooks files. Through our interview process, on-site tour of your facilities and paper trails, we become a team member to understand your “pains”, evaluate and present the optional “cures”, implement the “remedy” and provide “post-op” follow-up.

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Training and Support


Here at Accounting Therapy we recognize that each company has unique systems and employee needs, so we will customize the training needs of your users. Whether it’s on-the-job training with your company data, classroom or lecture style training, Accounting Therapy has your cure. In addition, we can offer ongoing support tailored for your “operations”. So whether you prefer on-site, remote, phone, email or any combination thereof, we will provide you the support to ensure the ongoing success of your goals and objectives.

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Data Migration


When you are moving from ANY system, including Peachtree, Business Works, Creative Solutions, Dac Easy, Great Plains, MAS 90+, MYOB, Net Suite, One Write Plus, Simply Accounting or even Excel accounting system to QuickBooks, we can help make your migration and data conversion virtually pain free.  Did you know that Intuit will help with your data migration to Enterprise Solutions FOR FREE? Most providers do not want you to know this because it takes away from their fees. We will get you connected to an Intuit technician for your conversion, but they don’t do it all so when you need customization or additional support in your migration we are here to help.

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Report Writing


A key benefit of any software system is access to meaningful data. Accounting Therapy offers full service report writing assistance ranging from modification of existing canned reports to complete customized reports to ensure you get the information you need to manage your business better and easier. Additionally, our experienced financial staff can assist you and your staff in understanding the report data, and more importantly it’s affect on your company.

BETTER YET!  Let us train you on advanced report writing, setup synchronization with Excel.

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