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Working in the wrong version of QuickBooks® is like flying the wrong rocketship.

You’ve landed in the right place!

Here are some of the reasons to migrate your QuickBooks file to another QuickBooks file:

Your File Size has grown out of control.

Your file has damaged transactions
or is corrupt and repair is no longer a viable option.

You want to have a copy file for a specific period.

You want to downgrade your

You want to convert to QuickBooks
but your desktop file exceeds the maximum size allowed by Intuit.

All QuickBooks® Migration Services include:

  • A brand new QuickBooks® file suited to your needs.
  • A 1:1 planning meeting to discuss what to expect and your project timeline.
  • secure portal and clear steps for each project.

 PLUS, enjoy:

  • Personalized and detailed feedback to review the accuracy of your migration.
  • fully operational QuickBooks® file with your data and guaranteed delivery date.
  • Peace of mind that your migration is another mission accomplished!

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 Investment: $5,000 - $15,000+

*Taxes will be charged based on local regulations.

Whether you need data in QuickBooks® Online or QuickBooks® Enterprise, we’re the accounting superheroes you’ve been waiting for!

How it works…

We’ll meet so we get to know your current processes.

Then we’ll recommend the best software options for you and your business. There are lots of options, and we know them all.

Whether your desktop file has grown too large or has damages or is corrupt, or you’re ready to downgrade desktop versions, you can count on us for a successful data migration.

Our Data Migration services are for you if you ....

  • Want to eliminate issues or errors with your current QuickBooks file.
  • Need to reduce your file size.
  • Want to avoid the high costs of your current accounting software.
  • Are ready for a streamlined accounting ecosystem instead of complicated software and workflows.
  • Want an expert team on your side to guide you each step of the way.

What do you get when you team up with Accounting Therapy for your Data Migration?

Consider us your mission control crew ready to help you navigate your flight path.


You didn’t launch your business only to land in the wrong software. You deserve to enjoy the journey. Our QuickBooks® Superheroes know the way. 

There are many options, so why stay in software that’s the wrong fit? We can help.

“The Accounting Therapy team is thorough and patient. I had no experience with QuickBooks® and they have been great to partner with as we get our small business off the ground. Alexis was particularly helpful when we determined our POS system had some major flaws.

We’re switching to a new platform and I’m sure her experience will be invaluable as we settle in and get squared away.

- Nina P., Owner at The Tasty


We offer discounted pricing on all QuickBooks® software.

Don’t pay full price for QuickBooks® software when you don’t have to. We’ve been part of the QuickBooks® Solutions Provider program since it launched in 2006 and have been QuickBooks ProAdvisor's since it launched in 1997. That means we get to pass BIG SAVINGS onto you.

Yeah, we’re cool like that.

Want to keep more money in the bank? We can help.

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