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Additional Information About Migrating QuickBooks® to QuickBooks®


While there are many options that will be discussed during our planning session your new file will be user ready when it is delivered.

Typically, a QuickBooks® to QuickBooks® migration includes the selection of the start date, usually as of the most recent fiscal year end. This migration can be from QuickBooks® desktop to desktop or to QuickBooks® Online if the desktop file needs to be reduced. The data that is migrated includes, but is not limited to:

  • Lists: All Lists, chart of accounts, customers, vendors, items, employees.
  • Sub Lists: terms, payment methods, sales reps, customer and vendor types.
  • Trial Balance(s) as of the start date
  • Open Invoices as of the start date
  • Unpaid Bills as of the start date
  • Uncleared Bank Transactions
  • Open portion of:
    • Estimates
    • Sales Orders
    • Purchase Orders
  • For the period after the start date, we can migrate all activity to mirror your existing file.

This is an example of what a migration can look like. During your planning session we will discuss your specific goals and objectives.

(*) For QuickBooks® Online to Desktop and QuickBooks® Desktop to QuickBooks® Online where the file does not have to be reduced, see our Conversion Page.

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