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Changes to QuickBooks Desktop 

This blog goes out to all our QuickBooks Desktop (QBDT) users out there! Can I get a what, what?!  

So, you’re still in desktop! The question is… why? Perhaps there are features that are holding you hostage (this mainly only applies to our Enterprise subscribers), or perhaps the move is just daunting, and you don’t even know where to start. Or maybe it’s a payroll issue... if you change, how in the world could that possibly go smoothly to ensure your team gets paid on time? 

We get it. Change can be scary. But my friends, the changes are coming no matter what. So, will you be leading the change? Or will you be a victim of the change? Our choice (always) is to lead it. Leading means you’re in control, you call the shots, you create the schedule. Which is why we are going to try and empower you to lead your change when it comes to QuickBooks Desktop!  

First and foremost, what is changing?  

Intuit has recently announced significant updates to its service policies that will impact QuickBooks Desktop users in the coming months and years (this does not include Enterprise users). Understanding the changes and what they mean for you and your subscription is essential for a smooth transition. Here’s an in depth look at what’s changing:  

As of July 31st, 2024, Intuit will no longer be selling new subscriptions of QuickBooks Desktop and Enhanced Payroll.  

  • Products Affected:  
    • QuickBooks Desktop Pro Plus 
    • QuickBooks Desktop Premier Plus 
    • QuickBooks Desktop Mac Plus 
    • QuickBooks Desktop Enhanced Payroll 
  • Existing Subscribers: Existing subscribers of QuickBooks Desktop Plus and Desktop Payroll are not affected by this change (just yet). They can continue to renew their subscriptions after July 31, 2024. Intuit will continue to provide security updates, product updates, and support for existing subscribers. 
  • QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise: QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise products are not impacted by this change.  

“But wait…,” you say, “I’m a current subscriber.” Yes, that may be true, BUT you have to know how to read between the lines of the Intuit language (ß no, they don’t really have their own language, but if they did, it would look like something of the wingdings variety). And in doing so, this means that they are not putting any additional monetary resources into these products except for the bare minimum – aka expect the BARE MINIMUM in terms of support, product bug fixes, and upgrades (i.e. no new features)! In other words, this is basically their cue card letting you know that the act is almost up, and they are about to discontinue this product in the coming years. 

How do we know this? Well, we’ve been supporting Intuit products for over 20 years. We’ve seen this type of message before (most recently with QuickBooks Point of Sale) and lucky for you, we are fluent in “Intuit”.  

So, what are your options? 

#1: Software Evaluation 

The time has come to think about leading your own change, or at least entertaining the options and idea of it. There are plenty of cloud-based accounting software options out there, the most obvious being QuickBooks Online (QBO). Now, since we only support QuickBooks users, we of course are biased towards this option! But the benefit is that there are ways to convert your current QuickBooks Desktop file to a new QuickBooks Online file, making sure all your data comes with it.  

And bonus!! Since we are a QuickBooks Solutions Provider, we have access to the best discounts around – seriously, they are even better than what Intuit offers on their website! Why? Because they would prefer you to work with a super smart, super special accounting partner… like us💁‍♀️! If you’re interested in checking out those discounts, you can click this link to view and order online!  

Now, if you’re not sure which version of QBO is the best fit for you, it’s time to sign yourself up for a software evaluation and that’s where our team comes in. We can assess your current software setup and business needs to recommend the best QuickBooks product for you – whether that’s going to QBO or maybe entertaining QuickBooks Enterprise (ßooooo, you fancy huh💎!)  

If you’re interested in a software evaluation – use this link to schedule a time to talk to our team!  

#2: Data Conversion and Migration 

Ummm…. That sounds scary! And it for sure can be, but it doesn’t have to be. For starters, these are just fancy words that mean moving your data from one platform to another. You can equate it to something as simple as you have a photo stored on your desktop and you need to upload it to a website – you are converting or migrating that photo data that’s stored on your computer to data that’s now stored on the website.  

Now, obviously that’s an oversimplified analogy & boy do we wish it were that simple. But, if you have the right team helping you to plan and strategize, this can be a smooth transition (even when payroll is involved). Our team are experts in converting and migrating data to QuickBooks, whether from a different version of QuickBooks or a different software all together and have dealt with maybe we won’t sayall buta lotof different scenarios under the sun. Remember when we mentioned we’ve been working with Intuit for 20+ years, well, we’ve been helping clients get their data into Intuit products for just as long! 

The pro of converting or migrating data vs. just starting a brand-new file is that it preserves your existing/historical records and, at minimum, your account balances and open transactions so that working in your new QuickBooks Product is as seamless as ever. If you are interested in chatting with our team about this service, schedule something with this link 

#3: Training & Support 

So, you picked the software, you converted your data, you log into QuickBooks Online… and what-the-heck-is-this?! It looks… different! Why yes, young grasshopper, it does. So, you have two options here… 

  1. Attempt to train yourself. 
    The Pros: it’s cheaper and you don’t have to find someone to train you. 
    The Cons: there are a lot of funny, sneaky, automated things that can lead you very awry. While being in the cloud is great and allows for constant updates and the utilization of AI, it can also very easily lead you down the wrong path. Things like understanding bank feeds, recognizing when transactions are on auto-add, and setting up your preferences correctly are all things that could very easily jam you and your books up.  
  2. Find a trainer. 
    The Pros: you will spend less time a) figuring it out & b) figuring out how to clean up what you thought you figured out. Working with a knowledgeable software trainer can seriously save you loads of time and also loads of money. (Why the money? Because most people attempt to do it themselves and then end up with a big mess on their hands and then have to pay someone like us to go in and clean it up.) 
    The Cons: It does cost more, initially + you need to find someone that knows the software. 
    New Pro: Accounting Therapy Team Members know the software and are available for hire for training😉!  

Moral of the story, if we didn’t make that clear in that round of pro/con/pros, find a team to train you in the new software so that you start off with your best foot forward! If you’re interested in training with our team, give us a call at 310-791-1230. 

A Final Note 

Like we said at the beginning, we know change can be scary. But, by electing to make that change now, on your own terms, you will not be left scrambling down the road. Plus, you’ve got a great partner (yes, we mean us!) to help you navigate the changes. We can ensure continuity, efficiency, and an all-around smooth transition. So, what path will you choose?!  

Until next time, young grasshopper…!

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